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Selected blends of tea. Cookies and sweets for all tastes (even for veg friends). Chocolate, sorbet and artisanal beers.

The secret garden where the articles of “A Spasso Con Sara” are born.


Wake up, work, shopping, gym, home. Repeat. The big metropolises impose tight and frantic rhythms on us every day. In a running city, relaxation increasingly resembles a mirage. But there are times when we need silence and, why not, also to stay there on our own. So, if you do not have the opportunity to take refuge in Tibet like a Buddhist monk, follow my advice straight away.

Your solution is in the heart of the Eternal City. In a secluded street, a few steps from Piazza Re di Roma (not far from the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano), there is Fiorditè. Tearoom, but also tea shop, this little jewel “hides” behind a sliding door discovered by chance while I was looking for a Japanese teapot for my new apartment in Rome.

Wrought iron and wood are the souls of the beautiful counter that opens immediately on the left, as soon as you enter. The bright smile and the gentle soul of Laura, the owner, will win you over in a moment.


The tea route…

Behind it, like precious boxes, some shelves hold numerous red containers. Inside, selected blends of tea and infusions from every corner of the world: China, Japan, India, Arabia and Turkey, just to name a few. The place offers two rooms where you can enjoy them.

Microfiltered water, controlled and studied melting temperature for each specific type of tea, quantity of leaves weighed and infused with the right time scrupulously controlled with the help of a timer, teapots and cups suitable and differentiated according to the type of tea, are the many and exclusive attentions that Laura gives to the preparation of tea for its customers.

Personally, I recommend Kekecha, a yellow tea with a low caffeine content (less than 1%), which originates from the high mountains of the Guangdong province, in south-eastern China. The taste is fresh with nut aroma.

In the first place of my ranking, however, there is the fragrant Jasmin Yin Hao A, a particularly precious tea with a sweet taste, flavored five times with the best jasmine shoots.



…And chocolate and coffee

Not only leaf tea, herbal teas and infusions. Fiorditè is in fact also the realm of designer chocolate and fine coffee.

Chocolate is only of the highest quality. It is currently prepared, especially for customers, with real chocolate, available in dark versions (my favorite one!), milk, spicy, spicy and white. For those who, like me, are always attentive to the line, no fear. There are chocolates without sugar. Fiorditè can also please celiac friends, offering gluten free chocolate.

Coffee is of the highest quality: 100% BIO Arabic blend. And for lactose intolerant people (like me), you can request cappuccinos (and more) made from vegetable milk, soya or almond.



Sweetness for all tastes

Those who know me know how much I love pastry. For this reason, as soon as I entered Laura’s place, I loved all the sweets that I’ve seen. Talking to her, I discovered that all the cakes and biscuits that accompany our snack, are homemade, with quality raw materials and genuine recipes. All the preparations are vegetarian and vegan.

Don’t miss: a slice of Caprese cake (my favourite cake) and the soft chocolate cake. You can’t miss the brownies or the fantasy of biscuits.



In winter, but also in summer…

You will be surprised to know that Fiorditè is not only the right location for cold and dreary winter days. It is actually also the ideal place for hot summer days.

Tea, infusions, chocolate and coffee, can be drunk both hot and cold. From shaken coffee to flavoured cold chocolate, from artisan sorbets to BIO soft drinks and fruit juices, and again, ice-cream cups and milkshakes. Laura’s summer proposal is rich, genuine and tasty!




…the right place for every moment of your day

But Fiorditè is not just breakfast or snacks. A glass of Chardonnay or Nero d’Avola, a craft beer or a gourmet apple juice, can accompany a chopping board of savoury delicacies and make the place the ideal place to meet your friends and enjoy an aperitif of excellent quality. 


My secret garden in the heart of Rome

In addition to two tea rooms, the restaurant also features an indoor garden.
This is my corner of paradise here in Rome, the place where I love to spend time and converse with people I love, read a good book, write for you and forget, if only for a while, the infernal rhythms of my days.

Tables and gazebos, no noise. Relaxation is total.

The garden often hosts evening events: the astronomical evening is very interesting. Next Thursday I will certainly participate in the meeting – tasting on the cuisine of the ancient Romans.


Fiorditè is not just a tea room. it is a sensory journey between mind and body. it is the place where you can find yourself.



Address: Via Tuscolana, 30 (Piazza Re di Roma), Rome

Web Site:

Phone: +39 06 88653263

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