History by Pictures – 1 . Castel Sant’Angelo

First appointment of my new section called “History by Pictures”. A new chapter available every Tuesday! Today we discover Castel Sant’Angelo.


Castel Sant’Angelo, near the Vatican, is one of the most visited and well known monuments in Rome.

Born as a mausoleum of the emperor Hadrian and his family, in the course of its millenary history, it was also a fortress, a residential palace and a very strict prison.

But why was a castle dedicated to an angel?

In 590 A.D. a plague struck Rome. Pope Gregory the Great then decided to organize a procession to ask God to end the terrible scourge. It is said that suddenly the Archangel Michael appeared on top of the Castle placing the sword in the scabbard. From that moment the plague ended and the Mausoleum began to be called “Castel Sant’Angelo”.




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