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John Rambo - Director

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Commando - Development

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Bruce - Operations

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A Spasso con Sara !

Perfect organization of itineraries and trips dedicated to art, history, culture, archaeology



Arch of Constantine

Imperial Forums

View and explanation of the Ancient Roman Forum


Piazza del Popolo

Via di Ripetta & the Ara Pacis

Piazza Navona


Trevi Fountain

The Spanish Steps


Campo Marzio area & the Caravaggio’s studio

San Luigi de’Francesi & the cycle of St Matthew

Sant’Agostino and the Pilgrims Madonna

Via della Maddalena & the famous Osteria del Moro episode

Curriculum vitae

High School and University

Classical high school diploma at the "Leonardo Da Vinci" High School of Classics in Terracina.

Vote: 100/100

Bachelor in "History and Conservation of Artistic Heritage" with an Archaeological curriculum, obtained at the University of Rome "Roma Tre".

Vote: 110 with honors.

Title of the thesis: "Diachronic Evolutions of the Landscape in the Terracina Territory". Rapporteur: Emeri Farinetti ; Chair: Archaeology of Landscapes

Master's degree in "Archaeology and Methodology of Historical and Orcheological Research", awarded at the University of Rome "Roma Tre".

Vote: 110 with honors.

Title of the Thesis: "Pastoral and transhumance paths in the Cicolano in the Roman and medieval ages". Chair: Archaeology of Landscapes; Relator: Emeri Farinetti; co-Relator: Riccardo Santangeli Valenzani (medieval archaeology and urban archaeology of Rome)


Archaeological experiences

Campetti di Veio. Drafting of plans and scale sections of a Roman substructure in an emergency excavation (Dr. Francesca Pompilio)

Member of the Cicolano Survey 2008 (Rieti)

Member of the Cicolano Survey 2009 (Rieti)

Member of the Cicolano Survey 2011 (Rieti)

The three campaigns described were carried out in collaboration with the Mykenai Cultural Association directed by Dr. Emeri Farinetti and Dr. Kostantinos Sbonias. The activities concerned the main themes of archaeological research on the landscape: archaeological reconnaissance, digital databases, GIS and remote sensing systems, settlement models, ceramic classification

I spent a small period of study at the Monastery of Filippa Mareri in Petrella Salto to conduct some research on the landscape of the Cicolano region

Archaeological excavation in the locality of "Civitella di Pescorocchiano" (Rieti).

Archaeological excavation and stratigraphy, washing, classification, filing and first study of the finds and excavation material

Rieti archaeological excavation.

Collection, washing, study and classification of ceramic material

Founding member of the new Archeoclub of Terracina

I have carried out didactic activities, through the Archeoclub of Terracina, on behalf of the Municipality of Terracina, participating as a guide in the summer initiatives called "Knowing the Cultural Heritage".

Guide for children and teenagers in the ambit of the "Archeojunior" initiatives of the Terracina archeoclub

Archaeological assistance on SNAM ITALGAS sites, drafting of technical report, compilation of the excavation log, drafting of excavation documentation (photographs, sketches, plans and scale sections, graphic and cartographic processing of various types)

Guide on the night of the Museums at the Favisse of the Temple of the Emilian Forum of Terracina. Presentation of the mosaics and the urban museum system project currently under construction

Guide on the days "Terracina in Unesco" to present to the citizens the treasures of the city of Terracina that was applying to enter the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Participation in the "Forma Urbis" competition organised by the magazine of the same name. Ranked third and awarded at the "Mediterranean Tourism Exchange" in Paestum.


Archaeologist, 30 years old, born in Terracina, a town of 50,000 in the province of Latina. I have lived in Rome for 5 years, the city where I studied and where I currently work as a front desk receptionist and concierge in a boutique hotel near Piazza di Spagna. I usually welcome my guests with a welcome aperitif during which, very often, I tell them anecdotes about Rome and do you know how it always ends? "Sara, would you like to take a walk with us? And so one day I created my blog "A spasso con Sara", the perfect compromise between the two works of my life, those I love most: the art of hotel accommodation and archaeology, a strange mix but perfect to make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

What Users Say

Hemda Shohat Israel

A pretty tour guide, speaks Italian and English, with a degree in archaeology and knows every corner of Rome. Highly recommended

Emiliano Paniko Italy

Esperienza veramente gradevole e interessante! Uno sbalorditivo connubio fra arte e storia, durante una tranquillissima passeggiata nel antico centro di Roma! Un entusiasmante avventura alla ricerca di verità e leggende vi attende! Con a spasso con Sara vi ritroverete immersi in eventi e vicende del passato che hanno vissuto gli stessi artisti e le grandi icone protagoniste della storia stessa, che mai avreste immaginato di scoprire!!! Come se non bastasse avrete la possibilità di gestire come meglio credete il vostro tour a seconda della situazione e delle vostre personali esigenze! Consiglio caldamente di provare almeno una volta!

P.S. Indossate scarpe comode e via!

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